Anthill Review

By , on October 10, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • A clever take on the RTS genre.
  • Upgrade stars awarded for higher scores.


  • The insects could be more distinct.


Anthill is an original and clever take on the RTS genre that is more defense than offense based. A great play for those looking for some strategy gaming.

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The ants are marching and god help you if you get in their way! With the iPhone's innovative use of touch controls, it's been nice to see a glut of strategy games available. What Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense does is put a unique spin on real time strategy gameplay by combining finger drawn paths with resource management and unit upgrades.

The goal of each level is to withstand the waves of attacking insects, and to protect your anthill. You do this by creating ants to defend your hill, workers to gather the carcasses of your enemies to create more food, to then to use that food to create more ants. Workers, defenders, and spitters follow a set path drawn by the player, and they will continue to patrol this path until new ones are laid down or the path is canceled. Meanwhile bombers will fly out and attack any spot tapped on the screen. Aside from the carcasses of fallen foes, food can be gathered from leaves and sugar crystals strewn around the level. This creates a balancing act of maximizing food input while making sure all your workers are adequately defended as the waves keep approaching.

Depending on how high your score is at the end of a level, you are rewarded a number of stars which can be used to upgrade aspects of the four ants available. Stars can be purchased for a early boost to players, but this is unnecessary to making your way though the game. The art is a little cluttered with the ants not standing up too well, and insects not being as distinct from each other as one would like, but this is a minor quibble and shouldn't detract from playing the game. The music is a nice accompaniment and shouldn't become unwelcome as you make your way through the twenty plus levels available.

If you're in the market for a new strategy game, Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense should give you your money's worth. True, once you've gotten the hang of how things work, the same basic strategies should get you through the entire game, but because this title doesn't overstay its welcome, this is not a problem.


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