Guns'n'Glory Review

By , on August 17, 2010

Guns'n'Glory Premium
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4 out of 5


  • Tower defense with some RTS elements.
  • Multiple directions for incoming units.
  • Smooth level progression.


  • Placement controls finicky.
  • Limited replay value.


Guns'n'Glory will give tower defense fans a nice change-up with its moveable towers and limited resources, but as with most TD's it still suffers from the same repetitive gameplay.

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Part tower defense, part real time strategy, Guns'n'Glory by Handy Games has certainly done a good job of grabbing my attention. In this Western themed title you'll need to ambush pioneers, taking them in for ransom, but don't get complacent as they'll try their hardest to avoid trouble by weaving through different canyons, forcing you to pick up and move your forces on the fly.

Each of your 'towers' can be moved in order to deal with the constantly changing situations by tapping to select and then tapping a new location for them to stand in. It's also possible to force your units to 'focus' their fire, but you'll need to deselect any tower under your control first, which can get annoying on larger maps with spread out forces. Placement can also be finicky, but a zoom function helps to make placement easier.

The maps only have a limited amount of resources available, with the bandits deciding to continue sleeping until you can pay them to join in on the fight. Each of the units represent the major tower types used in defense games and the earlier levels do a good job of teaching you the new abilities while slowly introducing additional game features.

Like a lot of other tower defense games things can start to get repetitive after a while, but the variation and strategy of placing your limited amount of units does a good job of staving off the boredom. Guns'n'Glory is definitely worth a look-see if you're a fan of tower defense titles.


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