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TileStorm is an extremely addictive puzzle adventure game. With over one hundred unique levels and puzzles, TileStorm is guaranteed to keep you and your friends busy for quite some time and represents excellent value for money. TileStorm has beautifully detailed graphics and excellent interactive properties which mean that playing TileStorm is not only fun and rewarding, but it is also a pleasure to look at and play.

The idea of TileStorm is to solve a series of puzzles enabling 'Eggbot' the robot to make his way through each respective level to the exit. The first puzzles are very similar in appearance and strategy to traditional sliding puzzle games, but later in TileStorm players will encounter tiles with completely different properties, maps with multiple solutions, and levels requiring the re-use of certain tiles. As people play through TileStorm they will find that TileStorm is much more than just a sliding tile game and strategies required in many other games will be needed to complete this game. TileStorm is guaranteed to present a challenge to anyone that plays it and it will require real skill and mental dexterity to complete. TileStorm is set in four beautifully presented themes starting with Industrial then followed by Egypt, Medieval and Jungle. Every themed area has a range of levels of difficulty of puzzles, but you will need to complete all the puzzles in each area before you can progress to the next area. A lot of people that have played TileStorm have said that it will particularly appeal to people that like puzzle and adventure games like Pipe Mania, Blocked, Bobby Carrot, Archibald Adventure's, Soduko, Tetris and many more. TileStorm combines elements from many of these games. We are confident that you will find TileStorm an extremely enjoyable challenge and a 'must have' game.

Here are some early testimonials from users on Touch Arcade:

"All I can say is WOW! TileStorm is an amazing puzzle adventure game! The object of the game is to slide blocks in order to make a path for your character. The art style is incredible along with the game play. There are so many levels and once you complete a level, it saves your time. That gives the game re-playability in order to beat your score! The level selection menu is a plus along with the 'continue your current game' option. Not only is this game addictive, but it is pure fun. I can play TileStorm for hours and not get bored. I keep finding myself coming back for more block sliding action! "

"The graphics of the game are crisp and clear, console worthy. There is some light background music to go along with the 100 levels of game play. Overall this is a great puzzle game with a good amount of content and nice design. Highly recommended."

"The developer of this puzzler takes pride in his creation, and with a game as polished as "TileStorm" he has every right to do so. There are many brain twisting puzzle games on the iDevice, rendering Tilestorm yet another great addition to this genre on the mobile platform."

TileStorm has a number of NOTEWORTHY FEATURES:

- 100 challenging maps of generally increasing difficulty..
- 4 beautiful themes including Industrial, Egypt, Medieval and Jungle
- 5 great tunes - classic game tracks for each theme and the menus
- Intuitive and responsive controls
- Fast fully 3D graphics engine; TileStorm looks great on any iPod or iPhone, but runs fantastically well on a 3gs
- Extremely fast launch time
- Automatic game save on exit
- Full player statistics stored under options menu including combined paying time and number of screen presses
- Individual level times stored.. go back any time and try to beat your fastest time
- Factory reset option available
- Automatic 'screen flip' for inverted use
- Fully functional audio mute; listen to your own music whilst playing TileStorm
- TileStorm can be downloaded straight to your phone over a 3G or Edge connection


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