• Publisher: Kris Pixton
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Released: 20 Jun, 2016
  • Size: 21.6 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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NEW from the designer of PathPix: TileX, a sliding tile 3D color-matching game. Tiles disappear when they touch other tiles of the same color. You slide tiles to set off chain reactions rippling across the board -- and then more fall down. Your challenge is to get rid of all the tiles. Good luck!

---80 levels, infinite possibilities for replay. Never the same game twice, even on the same level.
---4 different tile sets: cats, aliens, rings, and swish
---Special tiles have special powers! Make the most of them.
---Strange obstacles: towers and teleports, black holes and more. They can help you ... or maybe not.
---OK, you completed that level. Great! Now, can you do it again and beat par? Maybe even get a 3-star score?
---No right or wrong approach -- many different strategies are possible.
---Early levels are easy enough for kids to play. Later levels will challenge the best puzzlers out there.
---Game Center and iCloud enabled.

---Start with piles of tiles on a grid.
---Slide a tile to a new location.
---If it matches any tiles, they will all disappear.
---Tiles above each disappearing tile will fall down to take its place and may make new matches.
---Like falling dominoes, long sequences of disappearing tiles are possible.
---Tile rain: new tiles fall down after every turn -- otherwise it would be too easy!

---Pay attention to the colors! Try to get rid of all tiles of a given color -- that color will never come back, even in tile rain.
---Try to make matches at the bottoms of stacks. All the tiles above will fall down, improving your chances of setting off a chain reaction.
---There's no wrong way to play. Just keep looking for good places to slide those tiles!


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