Baseball Z!

Baseball Z!
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With your baseball game rudely interrupted by the incoming horde of zombies, it's time to batter up! Hit balls, explosives and more at the ravenous infected to defeat the waves as they come!

Experience high-stakes close-call encounters as the infected get ever closer to you - will you use a nail bomb? A barricade to slow them down? Or will you just whack them with the bat itself?

Each round has increasing sizes of zombies fighting and crawling their way towards you, it's your job to defend yourself by any means necessary!

Earn in-game coins by taking out the creatures, and then spend those coins in the shop to buy upgrades, new weapons & tools, and even airstrikes!

Use your radar at the top right of the screen to check where the zombies are coming from, and the skull next to it, which allows you to know how many infected are left in this wave!


Drag your finger to aim, and then tap 'Hit' at the bottom of the screen and with a 'thwack!' you'll know your chosen ammunition to where you've aimed the reticule!

Open your inventory to see what weapons you have by clicking the backpack icon in the bottom left, and the shopping cart icon next to it to spend your coins and unlock new weapons and defences.

Tap the bottom right icon to choose your ammo - will you knock balls into the zombies, or will you go straight for a bomb?


A thrilling experience - destroy the zombies before they get to you!

Spend in-game coins on upgrades and new weapons.

Intense combat encounters with satisfying explosions!

Lots of different weapons and upgrades to use to blow the zombies away!

Free to Play with support for lots of devices.




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