Merge Loop

Merge Loop
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It's time to storm the keep and lead your soldiers to victory!

Before you take the castle, you must create stronger knights to topple the evil army holding it captive.

Loop around the track with your army towards the stronghold, and along the way managing & buying more units, then merge them to create strong soldiers before upgrading them into a superior army to destroy your foe!

Loop around the track again and continue upgrading your units, merging them and buying more as you near the fort. Can you strategise to use the right method of action and decide what's best to spend your in-game currency on? Will you invest in upgrades for your troops? Or will you hire more mercenaries to merge together? Do what you can to avoid falling before your enemy and losing on the battlefield!

A clash with the enemies is the way to find out as you merge your army into the ultimate fully geared battalion at max level!


Hold down to walk around the loop and let go to stop at buy stations. Once ready to move, hold down again to continue around the track. Your soldiers will automatically attack once near enemies.


Awesome battles!

Lots of upgrading and merging your troops.

Create the ultimate knight to destroy the enemy army.

Easy to learn but with depth and mastery.

Gain more power by upgrading, merging and buying more units with in-game cash!

Free to Play with support for lots of devices.



What's New in Version 0.2

- Bug fixes and technical enhancements

Thanks for playing


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