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By , on July 13, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • It's the Worms you know and love, now on the iPhone.


  • Confusing, and fiddly controls.
  • Only local multiplayer.


For its price, you'd expect that it would play and control better. Still, if you love Worms, you might be able to forgive this port's faults.

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Worms has been around since the mid nineties. In that time it's spawned numerous sequels and been ported to every platform imaginable. Now it's on the iPhone. The goal is the same as its always been. Use your team of amusing little worms and their ridiculous arsenal of weaponry to take out the other amusing teams of worms. So how does the formula fare here?

The controls are numerous, and there are almost too many to remember. Walking, jumping and aiming seems simple enough, but any weapon or utility with additional controls, like the ninja rope, or even the two stages of the homing missile, can be quite difficult to grasp. Even though most of the series' famous weapons are, using them is not an enjoyable experience.

The game looks like it always has, with a friendly cartoony aesthetic to accentuate the humour of worms trying to blow each other to smithereens. The sounds, and especially the varied vocal choices always produce a chuckle. The game contains a single player mode, multiplayer, and challenge mode. Multiplayer is only on one iPhone however, which is rather dissapointing.

If you're a fan of Worms, you might have a difficult decision with this port. On one hand it's got the great visuals, voices, weapons, and gameplay you've come to love. On the other hand, the controls are confusing and there's no ability to play multiplayer over multiple iPhones. Perhaps a patch will be released to fix some of these troubling issues.


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