Beach Rush Review

By , on August 7, 2009

Beach Rush
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4 out of 5


  • Great sound and sound options; iPod use is seamlessly integrated with sound effects.
  • Simple and working controls make the game easy to play.
  • Great for short quick plays.


  • No leaderboard options, which is silly especially for this type of game.
  • There are no other modes besides the main game mode.


Beach Rush is a challenging puzzle game, but with only one main game mode, gameplay seems to be somewhat limited. However, the game is still worth the current price.

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Beach Rush is a puzzle game similar to Aqua Globs. Players must guide shipwrecked survivors through the shark infested waters to the safety of the sand. There are three types of survivors, each with their own safety point that they must go to in order to be saved. You are given three lives, and game over results when three survivors are eaten by sharks.

You control and guide the survivors by swiping them in direction you want them to travel using your finger. It’s up to players to not only guide the survivors to their respective safe ones, but also help them dodge shark attacks. The controls work well and make for some frantic swiping.

The visuals look good, there is no trouble distinguishing survivors and sharks and the beach looks very serene, despite the mayhem happening in the water. The sound is a lot of fun; rescued survivors will scream with delight when saved and the soundtrack is bouncy and enjoyable. Players can also use their iPod during gameplay as well, with no loss of sound effects. This is a single player game only, with only a local highscore displayed in the main menu.

Beach Rush is a fun and fast paced title that would be a great addition to fans of Aqua Globs and other top down, quick management games. While the game lacks any other modes and leaderboard options, there is still a lot of frantic beach fun to be had. Beach Rush is a solid title that with some more work and an update could be a really great game.


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