Aqua Globs Review

By , on July 27, 2009

Aqua Globs
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4 out of 5


  • Simple gameplay at it’s best.
  • Players can challenge themselves with the ‘speed up’ option during gameplay.
  • The sound effects and music options are both great.


  • Only one available game mode.
  • Gameplay requires more ‘fast thinking’ rather than ‘puzzle thinking’.


If you enjoy fun little time wasters or some quick thinking gameplay, then Aqua Globs is a must buy. This game is worth the current price.

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Aqua Globs is a puzzle game where players must match up little globs with other globs of the same colour. You earn points for each pair of coloured globs you match, but if different coloured globs touch you will lose a life. The goal of the game is to get as many points as you can before losing your three lives.

You control your globs by tapping on them and drawing a path for them to follow. If you see another glob of the same colour, draw a path linking the two and they will follow it to each other. Players need to micro manage where your globs go, as they will float around unless you direct them, and should they float into a glob of another colour then you will lose a life.

The visuals are basic, but well done. The globs look good and it’s easy to recognise larger, already paired globs from smaller ones. The sound is great and players are given the option at first play whether they want to listen to their iPod or the games music. The game has only one main mode, but there is always room for improvement with the global leaderboard options and gameplay trophies available to earn.

Aqua Globs is a cute, yet challenging puzzle game that anyone can play. The controls are simple, the gameplay is addictive and the glob’s sound effects give them personality. While there is only one game mode, there are plenty of trophies to unlock and the speed up option will keep you busy. If you love quirky little titles that will keep you playing again and again, then Aqua Globs is a great buy.


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