Canabalt Review

By , on October 3, 2009

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5 out of 5


  • Simple but addictive gameplay.
  • Players are able to post scores to Twitter.
  • Fast paced soundtrack adds tension to the gameplay, with iPod access.


  • No control instructions at first play.
  • No online leaderboard options.


Canabalt is a simple title that offers nothing but high-speed thrills and excitement to players. This game is worth the current price.

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Canabalt is a quick reflex, free-running game for the iPhone. The game is incredibly simple and players have a single goal - to run. Players must escape from a building by running along rooftops, jumping over gaps and avoiding obstacles to keep running as far as they can.

You control your character by tapping the screen to jump. You will need to jump over obstacles and gaps between buildings to keep running and increase speed. You will continue to do so until you hit an object, which will slow you down, or jump too early or late and fall to your death. The controls are simple and fun to use but the game offers no instruction on what to do at first.

The 2D pixellated visuals suit the gritty game style and it runs beautifully. The sound adds an increased element of drama and tension and players are free to use their iPod during gameplay. The game features one main mode and highscores can be submitted to players’ Twitter accounts.

If you enjoyed games like Run! then you will definitely have some fun with Canabalt. It is a little disappointing that there are no online leaderboard options available, but players can still have a blast trying to best their old highscores. The fast paced cinematic gameplay of Canabalt will surely captivate you and keep you jumping with excitement again and again.


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