AstroBlast Review

By , on August 23, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Simple and easy to use control scheme.
  • Detailed 3D visuals and lighting effects.
  • Achievement and leaderboard access via OpenFeint.


  • Only one ‘endless’ game mode; no levels or mode variations.
  • Current games will be lost if the application is quit.


If Asteroids was placed into the witness protection program, then it would get a facelift and call itself AstroBlast.

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AstroBlast is a 3D space shooter, where players must take control of a small ship, blasting incoming asteroids to survive as long as possible. Players are given three lives and after a short while, the asteroids and other obstacles, such as UFOs, will become more apparent and frequent.

Aside from tapping the screen to shoot, players must drag a line for their ship to follow to move around; which you will need to do in order to collect ammo and dodge any incoming asteroids. The controls are simplistic and work a treat using the iPhones touch interface.

The game is presented in a top down 3D rendered style and features some great lighting effects. The game sound can get quite hectic, in the good way, and players have to option to use their iPod during gameplay. The game consists of the one main game mode but players can upload their highscores to the global leaderboards via OpenFeint.

For the most part, AstroBlast is as close to Asteroids as they come. Almost everything is the same, the only difference is the 3D facelift and name change. Regardless, the gameplay is simple but enjoyable, and players have the freedom to listen to their own music and submit highscores to leaderboards. So if you are a fan of Asteroids, then giving AstroBlast a look at is a no-brainer.


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