Flock It! Review

By , on October 21, 2009

Flock It!
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2 out of 5


  • Detailed and great looking visuals.
  • Easy to use game controls.
  • Players are able to use their iPod during gameplay.


  • Very short game length; 15 levels only.
  • No numbered score system and the extra bonuses aren’t essential to completing the levels at all.
  • The sound effects are too annoying; you’ll turn the sound effects off after 3 minutes.


Because of the short game length and non-challenging gameplay, Flock It! really isn’t a worthwhile purchase.

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Flock It! is a sheep herding game where you must guide a small group of sheep through a level and into their pen. You’ll also need to pick up stars and make sure that your sheep don’t run into muddy puddles, water or electric fences for added bonuses at the end of each level.

You move the sheep by tapping on the screen to bark and constantly guide them around these obstacles to make sure you get them into their sheep pen before time runs out. The odd thing about the game is that while it encourages you to guide your sheep safely, there is no actual game score and you can finish the level as long as you get all sheep into the pen; you don’t need any bonuses to finish the game.

The visuals are very detailed and look great but the sound is far too annoying to be any fun. Even with your iPod playing during the game, the constant ‘baas’ of the sheep is just too much to handle. The game features 15 levels and once you’ve finished the game, all that’s left to do is try to get all the medals for your benefit only.

Flock It! has a solid concept but some poor design choices. The scoring system is really uninspiring and doesn’t motivate you to play for the bonus medals. Were there leaderboards and an actual highscore, then we’d be in business. But sadly, the game remains to be an easy play and one that you’ll have some fun with until you get tired and just concentrate on finishing it.


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