Rope'n'Fly 2 Review

By , on September 19, 2009

Rope'n'Fly 2
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4 out of 5


  • Detailed and improved game visuals from the original.
  • 11 varied game modes to play through.
  • Better online leaderboard options via OpenFeint access.


  • A very limited colour palette to customise your character; only fivecolours.
  • The gameplay seems a bit slower than the original game at times.
  • Game sounds aren't that dynamic or well done.


Rope’N’Fly 2 still offers the same gameplay as the original but improves on the addictive gameplay and gives players more options to keep them satisfied.

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For those Rope’N’Fly fans who clutch your pillows at night wishing the app fairy will bring you more skyscraper swinging action, then your wish has come true. Rope’N’Fly 2 has arrived offering a number of different modes and lots more online accessibility building upon the already addictive gameplay offered by Rope’N’Fly.

Just about everything from the first game is still here. Players must swing from building to building to get as far as possible before falling to the ground in a humorous rag-doll manner. This is done by tapping on a building to shoot out a rope and tapping again at the right time to release.

There is a significant upgrade to the environments and game visuals; which now include weather. Players can also customise the colours of their swinger. Unfortunately, red and blue aren’t available colours, so no unofficial tributes to a certain friendly neighbourhood Superhero for you. There are some game sounds (such as weather and rope sound effects), but you still may want to use your iPod during the game.

While Rope’N’Fly 2 may not be the biggest leap forward in gameplay, it does improve on its already unique mechanics seen in the original. There are around 11 game modes rather than the previous 2 and the game offers players more online access now via OpenFeint access. So if you were ever a fan of the original, or want to see what the fuss is about, then go for the improved gameplay of Rope’N’Fly 2.


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