Sally's Spa Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Sally's Spa
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3 out of 5


  • Addictive upgrade system.
  • Easy controls.


  • Lack of variation between levels.


A simple management game with an addictive upgrade system. If you enjoyed Sally's Salon, chances are you'll enjoy its sequel.

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It seems Sally's Salon was popular enough to warrant another chapter in the adventures of this entrepreneurial go-getter. In Sally's Spa, Sally is on vacation in Hawaii when her friend informs her that the local spa has gone out of business. Sensing opportunity, Sally buys the spa and the rest of the game is a simple management simulation as the spa business grows and grows day by day.

Each day consists of customers coming in, and needing to be served. If they wish to use the showers, touch the showers to turn them on. If they wish to get a massage, drag them over to the massage table. The days start with the ability to buy upgrades to your spa, to either make things more efficient or to get more money out of your customers (eg. buying products to sell each day). The game becomes quite addictive as each day enables you to add something new to your establishment.

The visuals have a light cartoony feel, with nice use of colour. Everything is easily readable and the music is non-intrusive. The main game is the only mode, but each spa has 5 levels and there are plenty of spas to choose from as you play more.

Sally's Spa is surprisingly fun to play. Each day in game becomes more and more hectic, while the upgrade system keeps things interesting. The premise and aesthetic may put a lot of gamers off, but there's a neat game here if you're willing to try it.


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