Skullpogo Review

By , on October 22, 2009

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5 out of 5


  • The game offers a great, unique concept and gameplay.
  • Online leaderboard access via OpenFeint.
  • Players are able to use their iPod during gameplay.


  • The game is quite short and is a more casual play.
  • No continue option available; once you exit the application, current gameplay is erased.


If you love quirky little games that you can jump into at any time then Skullpogo is a great addition to your iPhone collection.

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Skullpogo is a quirky and unique action game where you vanquish evil zombies, bats and vampire piggies using your ultimate weapon; a pogo stick. Yes, it appears that the only way to kill these demonic creatures is by bouncing on their heads with a pogo stick. You must keep a constant ‘bounce of death’ going in order to link up multipliers and max out your highscore.

You move your pogo-stick by tilting your iPhone to control the direction of your bounce and using the arrows on either side of the screen to adjust height; however there are more control scheme options available in the menu. Besides jumping on enemy heads, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for the different power-ups that pop up. The controls are simple to use but you might have some minor issues with using the height control at first.

The pixelated visuals give the game a lot of charm as well as a retro feel. The spooky electro soundtrack is very enjoyable and players are also free to use their iPod during gameplay. While the game only offers two modes to play through there are online leaderboard options available to players via OpenFeint.

Skullpogo might not have that much in game content but it more than makes up for it with its enjoyable and addictive gameplay. The game is easy to control and the option to submit highscores to the global leaderboards gives players plenty of replay value. So if you’re a fan of quick action, arcade games then Skullpogo is well worth a look at.


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