Ice Bullet Review

By , on March 15, 2010

Ice Bullet
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2 out of 5


  • Decent control.
  • Good track design.


  • No feeling of speed.
  • Sound issues.
  • Lack of content.


Some tweaking could make Ice Bullet a much better game, but for now, it's probably best to steer clear.

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If there's one thing certain about the Olympics (summer or winter), is that there will be many videogames made to capatilize on the events. Bobsleigh is one such event that seems like a good idea for a videogame and a great idea for an iphone game, especially using tilt controls. Ice Bullet sets out to deliver a Bobsleigh experience on the iphone, but does it replicate the speed and danger of its real life counterpart?

Control is tilt based, with leaning forward used for braking around sharp corners. To start the bobsleigh off, the player taps alternately on the sides of the screen to run and build up speed before the take off. The controls work well, but the physics of the sleigh itself can be questionable.

The game is decent visually, with the tracks being well designed, but you never really get that exhilerating feel of speed as you zoom down the track. Sound in the game itself is almost non-existant. There is music in the menus, but that does not carry over. The game starts with three Bobsleighs on offer and two tracks, with an unlockable third. Agon leaderboards are supported, as well as Twitter and Facebook integration.

With decent visuals and good control, Ice bullet should have been a sure bet. However with its sound problems, wonky physics, and absence of speed, the game just isn't that fun. Perhaps an update can fix some of these issues, but for now, best to leave the Bobsleigh to the professionals.


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