HexaRot Review

By , on March 27, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Unique hexagonal based three-match style.
  • Excellent 'Magic' puzzle mode.


  • Complicated boards.
  • Slow gameplay to master.


Hexagonal tiles add a new literal twist to the three-match genre, but HexaRot's gameplay is an acquired taste.

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Three-match games are a dime a dozen, with many games even opting to include them as a gameplay mechanic with an entirely separate genre. HexaRot by Jozsef Kern trys to stand out by being more of a brain-teaser, replacing a traditional grid with hexagonal wheels that must be turned to line-up patterns.

There's more than a bit of adjustment required in mastering this new matching technique and at times it borders on being more like a puzzle than a quick-fire three match game. The Timed and Relax modes play like a more traditional variation on three-match where the player touches to select and rotate wheels. Sadly there's little room for cascading matches which makes them feel more labored instead of the 'Wow did I do that?' moments that are typical to the genre.

The alternate Magic mode is a true brain tickler with players required to return a mixed up board to a specific pattern. The real let down for HexaRot is the interface which is easy enough to learn, but without mastering it you're quickly left frustrated as you attempt to work out how to make a match. It's possible that the amount of colors used for each grid is required to prevent too much cascading, but the assorted mix of pastels like salmon, goldenrod and sea-spray green can quickly confuse the eye.

HexaRot is certainly a unique game and if you're after something new it'll definitely give you a challenge, but with so many rewarding match games available it's hard to recommend.


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