Chromixa Review

By , on March 15, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Simple, unique concept.
  • Control never an issue.
  • Good background music.


  • Visually very simple.


Don't let the visuals fool you, Chromixa is a very clever, addictive puzzle game that will keep you busy for hours.

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Chromixa began life as an art installation based on creator Simon Watson's fascination with light. A handful of development time later and we have a light based puzzle game for the iphone. The goal is to create shapes of a solid colour out of overlaying smaller pieces of different colours, much like a jigsaw.

Control is all touch and drag. Upon touching a piece, it can be dragged anywhere on screen or the large wheel can be used to rotate it. If you ever get confused about which colours are produced from different combinations, there is a colour guide in the top right hand corner. At the end of each level, a score is given, and as you play you unlock light based mini games that be used for a distraction.

Graphically the game consists of simple shapes, and flat colours, with the colour melding, which is the mechanic the game is built on works fantastically. The music has a melodic yet haunting quality, and is reminiscent of the Professor Layton puzzle tune. The game features seventy puzzles, four mini games, and Openfeint achievements and online leaderboards.

Chromixa is one of those games where such a simple idea blooms into something fun, addictive, and eventually very complex. Puzzle fans will love this, but seeing there's a lite version, others should give this a go, and see if shifting light and colour becomes appealing.


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