The Saboteur™ Review

By , on March 29, 2010

The Saboteur™
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3 out of 5


  • Unique war-torn aesthetic.
  • Short action-packed levels.
  • A choice of action or stealthy gameplay.


  • Some poor level design choices.
  • Brown is not 'gritty'; 'gritty' is not 'mature'; 'adult' isn't automatically good.


The Saboteur is another decent port of a larger franchise to the App Store and only suffers minor gameplay issues that keep it from being truly great.

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The Saboteur, released by EA for major consoles was received with mild interest. Set in 1940's occupied France, you play Sean Devlin on his quest for revenge against the Nazis. Hands-On Mobile has just released an iPhone version of the game, but just like its bigger brother on the 360 and PS3 it's a great game that just manages to miss the mark in every way.

Sean is controlled from an angled top-down 2D perspective as he runs around causing general amounts of mayhem and destruction. An analogue stick provides movement while basic button presses are used to fire weapons or complete tasks. Aiming is handled automatically which keeps the action simple to control, however firing can be awkward as the weapon sometimes refuses to fire or in close-proximity almost completely fail to hit enemies.

The best way to describe the artwork is 'dense'. A lot of detail has gone in to the hand-drawn 2D artwork, which would be great but limited palettes like gray, rust, black and general grime feels more bland than 'gritty'. One major frustration is the need to die while learning the path of some explosions and could have been avoided with better level design.

As an action game, The Saboteur is almost brilliant, but little nagging issues with the gameplay and artwork keep pulling you out of the moment. This is definitely worth checking out for hardcore action fans, but casual gamers could do better.


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