Alex The Fox Review

By , on January 4, 2010

Alex The Fox
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3 out of 5


  • 150 levels.
  • Global, local and friend list leader boards.
  • Unlockable achievements.


  • Background never changes.


Although it may not boast the features which some of the other games have, Alex the fox is still a simple and enjoyable game that is great for anyone looking some something quick and entertaining that doesn't involve too much effort to play.

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Alex the fox is a mad dash and collect game where you play Alex, a hungry fox who's normally well behaved, but now facing starvation, he has resorted to stealing eggs from the village in order to feed himself. With the full moon in the sky, you must act quickly and collect as many eggs as possible whilst avoiding the items being hurled at you by the angry villagers you stole from.

Players are able to guide Alex to the eggs and avoid objects by touching and dragging their finger across the bottom area of the screen. Although the game might seem a bit easy at first don't be fooled, the difficulty and speed of the game does gradually increase and players will soon find they have a tough little challenge on their hands. There are also numerous achievements available to unlock as well as global, local and friend-list leader boards where players can see how their scores fare against other players.

The graphics for the game are very cartoon-like and well polished. The background uses an entirely different palette to the foreground, ensuring that factors not relevant to the game mechanics never work against you.  The game's soundtrack is also very fun and funky to listen to, however it doesn't really suit the theme of the game and feels more like players are in a nightclub rather than in the woods.

That aside, Alex the fox is still an excellent mini game that will test the concentration and reflexes of players in a fun and exciting way and is recommended for players of any age.


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