Thor Review

By , on January 6, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Players can create and customise their own iPod playlist for gameplay.
  • Up to four game profiles can be saved and played.
  • Good looking game visuals.


  • There are some sensitivity issues when it comes to tap/swipe recognition.
  • There are no online leaderboard options available to players.
  • The gameplay can seem a bit repetitive after a while.


While this isn’t what you’d expect from a Viking based game, Thor does offer some challenging gameplay that will help you kill some time.

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All you aspiring Berserkers and Viking warriors out there get ready to feel the swift fury of Thor the Thunder God. You must raise your enchanted hammer and purge the lands of evil - not by combat but by running and avoiding obstacles ahead of you. Yes, Thor takes the bloodthirsty live to fight mentality of the Viking warriors and gives it a ‘PG wash’ for iPhone users.

Players must travel across 4 mystic lands chasing after enemies all while avoiding obstacles and collecting different objects to max your score. Players will need to tap on energy orbs and swipe lightning bolts to chain together a score multiplier, however at times this seems a bit futile as there are no leaderboard options to track progress. But while the controls are simple enough, there are some sensitivity issues that will frustrate you.

The game’s visuals are well done; featuring some decent animations and environments. The sound is fine but it’s always a refreshing change to have iPod access during gameplay. The game features one main game mode of around 13 levels each with its own level achievements to unlock.

On the whole, Thor is a decent play but suffers due to its sensitivity issues. The gameplay is accessible to all aged players and up to four game profiles can be saved for multiple players. While the gameplay can seem a bit repetitive, this might be a game that fans of Run! might enjoy; as long as the control issues are addressed.


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