Zombeat Review

By , on January 12, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Option to purchase additional tracks in the future.
  • Highscore posting to Facebook account.
  • The game’s visuals are very detailed and look great.


  • The game’s soundtrack is too obscure to keep the players attention or interest.
  • There’s only one single player mode available.


While the Zombeat’s soundtrack is fun to play through once or twice, there just isn’t enough content or value here to warrant the game’s current price.

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Just when all the Guitar Hero and Rock Band hype has died down, along comes Zombeat to literally re-animate the music rhythm genre. Yes, Zombeat mixes dropping gems, music and most importantly Zombies together in a bizarre fusion for the iPhone. You play as Zeke, a lone survivor who must defend himself against the zombies using hot, tasty beats… and some guns.

Like other music games, players must hit the scrolling notes at the right beat to gain points and fire a shot at a zombie. You can also earn different weapon power-ups by hitting streaks and other gem chains. If you can’t keep up with the notes, you’ll be swarmed by the incoming zombies and turned into one.

Visually, there’s a surprising amount of detail in the game, ranging from zombies themselves to the different environments. The soundtrack is quite frankly bizarre; featuring a number of royalty free tracks ranging from 1930s swing to jazz to techno and other instrumental oddities you wouldn’t expect to hear. There’s only one game mode to play through with additional DLC options and players can post highscores to Facebook.

Zombeat is a strange title to say the least and might be worth a look at if you enjoy other music/rhythm games. But because of the small and rather obscure soundtrack, it’s not going to keep you playing for very long. There’s nothing wrong with the gameplay, but if music games don’t have a solid soundtrack to back that up, then they’re doomed to wander around aimlessly - much like a zombie.


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