Blockoban Review

By , on January 13, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Wide variety of puzzles.
  • Three difficulty levels.
  • Auto-save enabled.


  • The puzzle selection screen is a little blurry.


Blockban is a puzzling gem that feels more like a full featured game then just a lite version. It offers 100 levels of interesting challenges which is sure to keep you occupied for a good period of time and best of all its free! So why miss it?

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Its not often we see a free game enter the appstore which offers entertainment value of more than a few minutes, but Blockban is set to change that. Blockban, is a highly enjoyable, yet equally challenging sliding block puzzle game which features 100 free levels with an additional 820 levels in the purchasable upgraded version.

Sticking with simplicity in mind, the game uses standard swiping gestures to move pieces around the board with pinching gestures to zoom both in and out. The main goal is for players to slide each of the different coloured blocks to its corresponding coloured space on the map. The trick is however that the blocks will continue to slide until they collide with something, so players will need to plan each move out carefully. Thankfully, if you do make a mistake the game will allow you to undo it. Players can also choose to submit their scores and achievements to the Plus+ powered online leaderboards and see how their scores fare against other players.

The graphics for the game are very vibrant and colourful using a fusion of semi blurred colours in the background and a more sharply focused foreground, making it easy for the player to see and use the game board. The sound effects are soft and melodic, giving the game a nice relaxing feel.

Blockban is a deluxe puzzle game that constitutes everything a puzzle game should be. Even without purchasing the upgraded version, the game still offers a great deal of entertainment and is highly worth the download.


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