OMG Pirates! Review

By , on December 22, 2009

OMG Pirates!
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5 out of 5


  • Simple controls with tight combo use.
  • Challenging gameplay.
  • Jazz flute!


  • Later levels tend to go out of their way to be unfair.


What starts out as a simple beat'em up quickly turns in to a game you've been playing for far too long. A great buy.

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From the developer that brought you mass zombie slaughter in Zombieville USA comes the next beat'em up action adventure from Mika Mobile, OMG Pirates. Slaughtering pirates en masse couldn't be more fun, but that doesn't mean it'll be easy.

The controls are a simple affair, which not only gives Pirates an old school feel, but makes the game easier to deal with on the iPhone. You move your nimble ninja with a virtual analogue stick and jump, counter, combo and flip out with the aid of two buttons on the other side of the screen. As you level up your ninja you'll unlock new combos, most of which will require precise timing to pull off. The rewards for doing so correctly are moves unparalleled in their carnage.

OMG Pirates! uses the same style of cell shaded art that Zombieville used. Being a more action oriented game it's easier to see the detail that has been put into the animations and design of the art. It is possible to listen to your own music in the background, but that would be a shame as the classy faux action film music that strains in the background is masterfully used.

When playing the game so much of it seems so immediately simple, but as new and stronger enemies appear you'll realize why the controls and feel of the game are at its heart so simple - because if it were any more complex, you'd never survive. Mika Mobile strikes a great balance with OMG Pirates! and all action fans deserve to join the mayhem.


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