TileStorm Review

By , on January 27, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Lots of challenges to tackle.
  • Smooth gameplay and basic environments.
  • Stored level statistics for personal challenges.


  • Casual gamers will need to try the Lite version to gauge potential frustration.


TileStorm turns tile-sliding puzzles from the relatively basic time wasters they are and turns them in to a genuinely challenging game that can appeal to everyone.

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Lets be honest, sometimes it's not hard to understand why people shy away from games that call themselves "puzzles", because ultimately few people enjoy the idea of being frustrated working out solutions. TileStorm by Massive Hadron walks a thin line between fun and frustration with its tile-sliding puzzles that you'll either love or loathe.

Manipulating puzzles couldn't be easier and play much like a regular tile-sliding puzzle. The trick here is to maneuver the pieces to form a path that the "Eggbot" can follow to the end. Further complexity is added to the mix by the inclusion of irregularly shaped zones to move the tiles in. This then splits the puzzle into requiring two solutions involving knowing the correct path and the correct tile manipulation.

Massive Hadron certainly can't be accused of a lack of content, packaging in 100 maps that will take considerable time to complete. There are four different 3D environments to enjoy while playing the game though the low resolution texturing for the small download is evident. However the tradeoff isn't just a smaller game size, but also much smoother gameplay.

Hardcore puzzle fans will definitely dig the challenge inherent in TileStorm, but it may require some testing for more casual gamers. As with any real puzzle game your mileage may vary, but the game's polish will always shine through.


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