Qwak HD iPad Review

By , on September 3, 2012

Qwak HD
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4 out of 5


  • Frantic old-school platforming.
  • Two-player controls available via third-party App.


  • Doesn't foster the same leaderboard 'excitement' of modern platforming titles; more self competition than 'friendly' competition.


Qwak HD retools the 1993 classic with a shiny visual upgrade and the ability to conquer its fast-paced stages with a friend, making it a great hit with kids and retro-gamers alike.

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When we first saw Qwak on the iOS platform it was restricted to the tiny screens of the iPhones and iPods of the world. The lightning-sharp responsiveness of the controls helped to bring the Amiga classic back to life, but with so much going on, screen-space was definitely a concern... until now. Qwak HD makes the best of the iPad, making it a snap to keep track of the busy platforming action while also adding a two-player mode in to the proceedings.

This last feature is pulled off flawlessly thanks to the game’s compatibility with the Joypad Game Controller App, converting your iPhone or iPod in to a wireless controller. Those of you that lack a spare iPhone or iPad can still get away with the game’s built-in virtual control system, choosing from a series of preset configurations. We did experience a bit of touchiness with the jumping (specifically jumping immediately as we hit a platform), but with some practice this was easily overcome.

For those not familiar with Qwak, the game comes courtesy of the author of the 1993 original, Jamie Woodhouse. There are 70 platforming-based levels to conquer, filled with treasure, enemies and traps to avoid. It’s frantic and later levels can be downright frustrating thanks to their puzzle-like design, but with each stage taking mere seconds to complete you’re never really put-out for trying again.

Those who liked the idea of Qwak, but were put off by the tiny screen can finally enjoy the game in all of its glory, dragging a friend along too if they happen to have an iPhone or iPod spare. A great distraction for retro-gamers and younger gamers after something bright and challenging.


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