Cell War Review

By , on December 27, 2009

Cell War
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4 out of 5


  • Players can submit highscores to global leaderboards.
  • The levels are varied and help keep the gameplay fresh.
  • The controls are easy to use and make the game accessible to younger players.


  • There are only 9 levels to play through.
  • Much like old arcade shooters, the gameplay can be incredibly difficult at times.


Cell War sticks to the well established formula of old school horizontal shooters and will give fans exactly what they want.

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Cell War is a horizontal shooter much like R-Type and other arcade shooter games. Your goal is to pilot the nano machine and stop the spread of infectious diseases and viruses that could wipe out mankind. But fear not, the nano machine can be upgraded with powerful collectibles that will give those nasty germs a run for their money - or whatever germs exchange for goods and services.

Players control the nano machine by tilting their iPhone to move, tapping on enemies to launch a powerful missile and pressing the two lower corner buttons together to create a powerful shockwave. Weapon fire is automatic so most of your focus will be on dodging enemy attacks and lining up your own shots.

The game’s 2D visual presentation is very sleek and features a distinct arcade shooter style. The sound helps to immerse players into the microscopic chaos around you, but there are no iPod access options for players to enjoy. The game is single player only but you’ll stay busy working through three challenging difficulties, numerous boss battles, the two game modes and submitting highscores to the leaderboards.

Cell War is a game that fans of horizontal arcade shooters will love. The gameplay is fast and frantic and the controls help make things easy for the player. Your progress might be slowed down by the amount of enemies that swarm you on the harder difficulties but it's all good fun. So if you love challenging arcade shooters like R-Type, then Cell War will keep you thoroughly entertained.


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