DinoBoom Review

By , on September 13, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • The spell drawing controls are quite fun to use.
  • The visuals are very detailed and vibrant.


  • The enemy AI can be a little too difficult.
  • No continue option if you quit mid game or get a phone call; you will have to restart from level 1.


If you don’t mind a challenge and some Okami style, drawing gameplay then Dino Boom is a moderate title that may be worth the current price.

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Dino Boom is an action game where players must defend their green dinosaurs and attack the blue enemy dinosaurs. You attack and defend using a number of different spells that you cast by drawing out on the screen, similar to Okami. Your goal is to protect your dinosaurs while launching attacks to kill the enemy dinosaurs and rack up points doing so.

You select a spell by tapping on the icon at the bottom of the screen and then dragging your finger in one continuous motion along the lines of the spell symbol. The more accurate your drawing is, the more powerful or effective your spell will be.

The cartoony 2D visuals are surprisingly detailed, featuring a number of different animations and visual effects. The sound is good, but there is no in game music, and players are unable to use their iPod, so you will have to settle for sound effects only. The game is single player only with a local highscore board; there are no online leaderboard options.

Dino Boom is a quality game, but one that still needs improvement. The spell drawing feature is a lot of fun, but the enemy AI is a bit too difficult. Meaning they will unleash more accurate and damaging spells than you at a somewhat faster rate; which can dampen the gameplay. However, if you are a player that thrives on a challenge and a fun control scheme, then Dino Boom may be a worthwhile purchase.


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