Cogs Review

By , on February 4, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Graphics and sound are great.
  • Challenging puzzles.
  • Leaderboards are available via Crystal.


  • Simply not enough initial content.
  • Players must buy multiple level packs for any sort of longetivity.


A fantastic looking, engaging puzzle game that is only let down by the pay for more levels feature. Hardcore puzzle fans will love it.

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Cogs is tile sliding puzzle game in which players must link tiles containing cogs or steam pipes in order to make a connection to the end. This simple premise can be quite an entertaining way to waste a lot of time. Chilingo have added complexity to this familiar style of puzzle by using 3D shapes in certain levels, making the player line up multiple facets of the cube to solve it.

Gameplay is very simple to get the hang of. Players simply tap the tile they want to move into the empty square, and the ability to move multiple tiles at once saves on the move counter. Dragging two fingers on the screen allows players to rotate the object. All controls work just as intended and respond very well.

The game itself looks fantastic and the 3D puzzles are very well presented in a quasi steampunk style that looks like the inner workings of a clock. The sounds of cogs clicking around and sliding tiles is also very appealing, and the music is nice but there is no iPod support. Clearly much work has gone into the presentation.

Players are awarded stars based on finishing a puzzle, how long it took and how many moves were made. Earning stars unlocks more puzzles. What may turn many people away is the fact that there are only ten levels in the initial download, then you must pay $1.20 for another 9 puzzles. Why more puzzles aren't included in the base price is questionable, however some people may believe it's worth the price. This could have been a hit if it came with more initial content.


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