Catacombs Review

By , on February 22, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Solid dungeon crawler gameplay.
  • Special attacks and treasure.


  • Lack of enemy variation.
  • Might not hold your interest for an extended period of time.


Those on the lookout for a simple pick up and play dungeon crawler on your iphone should give Catacombs a try.

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Ever since Guantlet, dungeon crawlers have been a simple, and fun game genre. Catacombs by Inmotion Software has taken the guantlet formula, streamlined it, and created an addictive pick up and play game for the iphone. As either a warrior, mage, or archer, you travel through floor after floor of a dungeon, slaughtering foes, levelling up, finding the treasure and heading to the exit.

The game controls like a twin stick shooter. One joystick for movement, the other for attack. The controls are ok, though can be a little sticky. Along with your normal ranged attack, each class has a special attack on a cool down timer. As more enemies are killed, an experience bar fills, and levelling up increases health and attack. There is also treasure to collect. It serves no real purpose, but come on, it's treasure!

The game utilizes a top down perspective with simple sprites and lighting effects. The sound effects and music help immerse you in the game. The dungeon has twenty four levels, and another chapter can be purchased in game for double the content.

For fans of dungeon crawlers like Guantlet or Diablo, Catacombs should provide at least a few hours of fun. The only real complaint is the lack of variation in enemies, but otherwise, especially for the price, this one is worth your time.


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