By , on April 20, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Multiple story-lines.
  • Dungeon difficulty selection.
  • Complex fast-paced battle system
  • Amazing art and audio direction.


  • Puzzles side-quests act as frustrating road-blocks.


For a game that would otherwise cost three times or more on another console, 'Chaos Rings' isn't just value for money - it's an amazing JRPG experience with a solid, intriguing story that's worthy of its developer's pedigree.

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Chaos Rings is the latest JRPG published by Square Enix for the App Store and with a pedigree developer like Media.Vision at the helm, this is more than your average RPG. This is certainly no light-weight game and your pocket will definitely feel the pinch, but if you're willing to take the dive you'll be rewarded with a complex and beautiful experience that's easily one of the best new RPGs available for your iPhone.

The game centers around characters who have been partnered up to partake in an event called the 'Ark Arena' which is overseen by a shadowy other-worldly figure. Combat for each pair quickly evolves in to a complex system of choosing your attacks to create the maximum effect. Each character can attack separately or as a pair for extra damage, however paired attacks run the risk of both characters taking damage from enemy attacks. Battles are fast paced and players are quickly punished for picking their strategies badly, but in turn this also makes random battles easier to breeze through if you get them right. New abilities and effects are found by defeating enemies and equipping their 'genes'.

The graphics are simply some of the best on the iPhone and looks like a distilled version of Final Fantasy VIII which is no big surprise thanks to Ysuke Naora working on the character designs. There are four stories to play through, with each one taking up around 4-6 hours to finish.

Without a doubt, Chaos Rings is a must buy for any JRPG fan and is worth every cent of its hefty price.


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