iBomber 2 Review

By , on May 12, 2010

iBomber 2
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4 out of 5


  • Easy to pick up and play gameplay.
  • Multiple difficulty levels.
  • Mobile land-units for more challenge.


  • Few major changes from the original.
  • No major penalties for spamming, making super weapons slightly redundant.


Just like the original iBomber 2 makes dropping tonnes of explosives from your 1940's style bomber lots of fun, but without adding more challenge this can quickly become stale for some.

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Almost a year ago, iBomber hit the App Store and has remained a popular title that proves that sometimes blowing things up is all you really want to do or need. iBomber 2 by Cobra Mobile builds on the success of the first title with minor changes that might invigorate fans of the series.

In each level players are challenged to destroy the list of targets before they're shot out of the sky, making use of their magical, infinite supply of bombs against enemy units. Dropping bombs is as simple as jabbing your finger down on to the considerably huge firing button, but maneuvering your plane comes in two flavors split between the touch screen and the accelerometer, with the tilt-controls proving to be superior to the stiff touch-controls.

A few notable changes to the gameplay have been added to iBomber 2, including more mobile land units and extra powerups, but they only provide a minor change in the game's variety of static units. The graphics are as crisp as ever and the 2D sprites are clean and show the damage they've taken in detail.

iBomber 2 features twelve new missions to complete and while there's not a lot of changes to the game's formula, fans of the original will enjoy jumping right back in to wreak havoc from the skies. New casual gamers will appreciate the break up of the game's slightly repetitive challenge by adding in missions to defend friendly units, but ultimately the game is all about raining explosive after explosive down on your enemies and iBomber 2 delivers this in spades.


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