Tesla Wars Review

By , on May 18, 2010

Tesla Wars
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4 out of 5


  • Fun main-weapon that holds up till the end.
  • Auto-save feature.
  • Unlimited levels, play till you're overwhelmed.


  • Special weapons inconvenient to get to.


With 100 upgrade levels available for your bases' health and energy, you can be sure that Tesla Wars wants you to keep playing their fun castle defense game to the bitter end.

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In Tesla Wars by Pavel Tarabrin your aim is to defend your giant Tesla-coil as you zap, explode or slice and dice the incoming stick-figure army. Simple 2D graphics are combined with beautiful special effects and fast-paced gameplay to make this castle-defender an exciting and compelling game to master.

Your main weapon for the game is the titular Tesla-coil that can unload a painful dose of electricity, Red Alert style, at your enemies by directly touching them. Enemies can be left half-alive to potentially escape or zapped until they explode painfully in to a gory selection of gibs. Upgrades and alternate weapons can be deployed to decimate incoming armies, but they have to be accessed via the pause menu which can feel awkward when facing large waves of enemies.

Most of the game's graphics have a 3D-rendered down to 2D feel that works surprisingly well despite the use of stick-figures for enemies. Small shadows give the sprites a bit more depth on the field and the special effects and death animations are humorously varied. One great feature is the automatic saves between rounds that persist after dying, giving you a chance to continue if you don't believe you've spent your points incorrectly.

Tesla Wars is great fun and quickly mixes up the challenge to keep you on your toes. Well worth picking up for any castle-defense fan that's after a new challenge.


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