Exodus Review

By , on June 8, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Cartoonish fantasy art with beautiful backdrops.
  • Six unlockable stages with unique gameplay strategies.
  • Environmental hazards.


  • No direct iTunes support.


With each level of Exodus featuring a different layout and various hazards it's always a challenge to enjoy and one that will keep you entertained for a long time.

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It's hard not to make the comparison between Exodus by Tip Tap Games and other line drawing management games like Flight Control, but you'd be selling this game short if you thought it was just a simple draw-and-forget title. You'll need to manage various ships as they drop off their payload of colonists to various space-stations around the universe and you'll need keen timing to make use of the limited docking space and avoid environmental hazards out to ruin your day.

Once a ship is on the screen you can tap and drag a course that it will follow to completion. In each stage you'll encounter various hazards, however the most common problem you'll face is ensuring that you leave enough docks open to keep the flow of colonists moving along. The drawn paths are extremely accurate, but with minimal smoothing it's possible for routes to become slightly jerky. Once a ship is depleted of colonists a path can be drawn directly out of the screen to send it on its way.

The art style in Exodus is clear and the cute designs are detailed and fun to watch. Each area has a distinct visual style, though the music can end up getting repetitive and it's a shame that iTunes isn't directly supported. There are six stages to unlock and will require you to 'fill' a space-station to its full capacity to move on. Openfeint is supported for leaderboards and achievements.

Exodus may be familiar adaption of the line-drawing management gameplay, but it's certainly not a boring one and well worth trying.


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