Prince Penny Review

By , on May 25, 2011

Prince Penny
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4 out of 5


  • Cute 3D visual style; chibi-inspired world.
  • Bonuses add a fun twist to the gameplay; always a treat to use your piggy companion.
  • Simple tilt controls; loose, but not out of control.


  • Lacking in depth; no sense of progression or increasing challenge.
  • Odd randomization glitches; some moments of pointless power-ups or impossible to obtain coins.


Whether you're young at heart or young of age, Prince Penny is a charming and fun endless title that will keep you entertained with its simple and amusing style.

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How can a King remain a King if his kingdom is entirely destitute? Easy! Just wait for flying lion-bird's to poop out coins all over your kingdom and collect the gold for insant profit. This does assume you're living in the world of Prince Penny by developer Lionbird, but it scores points for originality if nothing else.

One of the upsides of having so many endless titles cluttering up the App Store is the chance for something fun and bizarre to make its way to the top of the pack, giving you a chance to enjoy the genre all over again. Tilting your way back and forth across the screen while you run in to the endless distance may feel loose, but it's this casual abandon that adds to the fun as objects in the world act as virtual bumpers bouncing you back and forth while power-ups allow you to temporarily abandon the rules as you dive across gaps of water or fly ahead to new locations.

Each run consists of various sections of terrain being hammered together in order to make them unique, though the visual theme remains consistent, making progression hard to track and often the randomization gets confused, setting up runs of coins that are impossible to obtain. Occasionally players are given access to a 'pig' that can run ahead and sweep up the majority of the point-scoring coins, while a bonus mode is activated if you manage to maximise your score combo meter.

The charming 3D visuals make this an easy game to keep coming back to and despite occasionally being short-changed by bad randomization, it's hard to stay angry when faced by the constant optimism of the Prince, his horse and his trusty pig side-kick.

Prince Penny is a fun endless title for casual gamers and those young at heart, making it the perfect grab for those with kids as well.


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