Flipstones Review

By , on July 29, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Challenging line-drawing, gem-matching gameplay.
  • 18 stages and endless modes to unlock.
  • Intense colorful visuals.
  • BTW what's with the Yabba Dabba Doo?


  • Some levels will test your patience.
  • Ohhhh... FLINTstones... riiiight.


You'll need your quick-thinking strategy hat on when playing Flipstones, so it can get intense at times, but it's still a strangely addictive challenge none the less.

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PressOK Entertainment have gone mad with power and have dared to try and combine line drawing and three match games in to a hideous Frankenstein-like monstrosity in Flipstones! Or I WOULD call them insane, if it didn't work so well. Over the course of 18 stages you'll learn how to master the Flipstone's, harvesting their powers to create combos and complete over 80 different challenges.

Your goal is to match groups of 4 or 6 Flipstone gems of the same color to form large triangles and hexagons, unleashing unique powers depending on the gems you match. The gems are randomly scattered around a triangle patterned grid and can be shifted by drawing a path to their new location. This sounds easier than it is as later levels quickly introduce fast-spawning gems that need to be controlled by clever use of explosions, acid and even slowing down the game's timer.

The greatest challenge to overcome in Flipstones is learning to quickly see the best possible matches as the first available match often isn't the one you should be making. This adds a level of strategy to the gameplay which would be appreciated more if some levels weren't so unforgivably intense. Thankfully, while you're getting your arse kicked you can enjoy the juicy visuals, complete with shiny colorful gems that sparkle and shimmer as they roll.

While the small variations in challenges keeps things fresh, repeating levels you've failed can get tiresome. Still, Flipstones is worth checking out and is a refreshing new title for arcade puzzle fans to enjoy.


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