Fragger Review

By , on November 3, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Smooth controls that quickly become intuitive.
  • Currently 130 levels over 4 worlds and more on the way.
  • Clever level designs and puzzles.
  • HD content in a separate download.


  • Challenging later levels can't be skipped.


What started out as a competent Flash game has quickly come in to its own on the App Store and now boasts 130 levels with more on the way; HD content; and a physics puzzle style that's satisfying to solve.

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By popular demand (and because I can't believe AppSpy hasn't reviewed it already), I've finally delved the depths of Fragger by Miniclip and all we can say is that it's better to be late to the party then to never arrive. Fragger takes its own spin on the physics puzzler by challenging players to use their grenades in clever ways to bypass the defenses of their enemies.

It's almost scary just how quickly I managed to slip in to and feel comfortable with the game's throwing controls. After a few levels of tooling around with the ability to swipe to aim and set the power of the throws it became almost second nature to pull off long, accurate lobs. Also small touches like keeping your aim and power locked until you make a purposeful move help to fine-tune your throws to great effect.

There are currently 130 levels split over four different environments, though after a point the gameplay remains relatively similar as you decipher the best course of action to eliminate your enemies. One clever feature that impressed me was the ability to download HD graphics after downloading the initial game, keeping the App lightweight for those with space concerns.

Fragger is an incredibly satisfying and intuitive puzzler that consistently stays one step away from being overly challenging and at its current price it's absolutely bursting with long term value; a definite must-have for fans of physics challenges.


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