Battleheart Review

By , on February 3, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Simple, intuitive control system.
  • Timely battles and challenging boss fights.
  • Deep skill system synergy between classes.


  • No skill overview; high time investment required to learn new classes.
  • No social network integration for Arenas; reduces replay value.


Battleheart combines a neat real-time combat system and class interactions that will feel familiar to followers of Western RPGs (including MMOs), though the controls can cause some confusion when it's least required.

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Mika Mobile have seemingly made it a habit to explore simple ideas while polishing them in a way that's ideal for mobile gamers. Their latest title Battleheart is certainly no exception and players will have the chance to manage four heroes as they battle foes in real-time combat, earning treasures and powerful skills as they continue on their quest.

Swiping and tapping forms the main system of control for your adventurers. Each one can be selected individually and either moved or given a target by swiping across the screen to a new location or a foe to attack them. Tapping to select units will bring up a selection of active abilities that will refresh after a relatively short cool-down. These skills along with the party's equipment and even individual party members can all be modified or swapped in and out between levels.

The sharp Retina-optimized graphics look fantastic, though the animations and effects are kept to a simple minimum. Unfortunately players are placed in an angled view that can often cause problems as characters clump up, resulting in missed swipes that can potentially kill your party. Another oddity is the lack of information on each class; despite background stories being given for each character, players aren't told how each class works or their key abilities before purchasing and leveling them up.

And knowing these abilities can prove to be critical as having a balanced group composition is required, especially on later levels and during boss fights that provide little room for error. Thankfully learning to balance the pros and cons of your group while smacking down monsters is a joy in Battleheart and one that's heartily recommended for action-RPG fans


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