Float Review

By , on February 21, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Simple, mindless arcade gameplay; tap to win!
  • Six varied modes ranging from a fast-paced Arcade mode to a puzzling Hot Potato mode.
  • Catchy background music. Universal application.


  • Squeaking balloon sounds can be irritating; your mileage may vary.
  • Balloons occasionally pop before they hit a spike; makes juggling at low levels riskier than normal.
  • Touches occasionally ignored; rarely affects gameplay.


Whether you play Float on a mobile device or an iPad you're guaranteed to enjoy the casual fun of flicking balloons; a great game for all ages.

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Elevate Entertainment and Crawl Space Games describe their new game in an elegant way that's easy to sympathize with: If you've ever wasted a couple minutes batting a balloon around a room or up in to the air then you'll know what you're in for with Float.

The basic concept in each of the available modes is to prevent your balloons from popping in the spikes below by tapping on them and causing them to fling up towards the top of the screen. Varied shapes react differently to your touch and interact beautifully with other balloons, squeaking as they rub up against each other. Bonus points are rewarded for tapping balloons of the same color or hitting them while they're below and indicated threshold. Three of the six currently available modes stick to this basic gameplay, either in standard Arcade, Timed or Zen (no limit) varieties.

However it's the three alternative games that show the real variety present in Float as you play 'Limbo' with the balloons; attempt to survive a hardcore mode where only 1 pop results in a game over; or best of all you'll need to keep a star balloon aloft by using other balloons to hold it up. This can be insanely difficult to pull off, but the physics are so intuitive that it's hard to fault the game for placing you in an impossible position as you have full control over keeping the balloon aloft.

Updates are already in the works for adding three additional modes along with bug fixes, but even without these in mind Float is a great game to waste some time by yourself or with friends and family. A great arcade title for all ages and skill levels.


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