Hungry Helga Review

By , on November 1, 2010

Hungry Helga
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4 out of 5


  • Intense bomb on fish on Helga action.
  • Clever fish shoal AI.
  • Unique abilities per area.


  • Only four environments.
  • Sharply scaled difficulty curve.


At first there's not a lot to Hungry Helga's bomb-fishing action, but rapidly increasing AI and a tantrum-throwing Valkyrie will keep you on your toes as you climb its sharp difficulty curve.

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Hungry Helga is hungry, REALLY hungry and should you get on her bad side you're liable to find you, your ship and your crew sinking to the bottom of the ocean if you face her terrible wrath. Thankfully if you can keep Helga satiated she'll use her divine powers to make your job easier, but between gulls, sharks, icebergs and clever fish your work is not going to be simple.

Players can tap the screen up to three times in a row to launch explosive charges in to the water, stunning the fish so they float up to the water's surface. By tilting you can shift your ship to move to these fish and your tireless first-mate will scoop the fish directly in to Helga's gob. If you can feed her fast enough the husky lady will burst with divine power and tapping her will unleash the power of the gods to help in different ways depending on your current location. At first the fish are relatively docile, however later levels will feature intelligent shoals that will duck, dive and dash quickly out of harms way.

While there's only a handful of environments, each one reacts differently to Helga's power and players will need to exploit these abilities to keep themselves in the game at later levels when the fish get tougher to kill. The visuals are otherwise fun and simple and small exchanges of anger between Helga and Captain Kjirk add a charming touch to the game.

For an endless title without alternative gameplay it would have been great to see more environments or combinations of godly powers to play with, but mastering the game as it is can take some time. Hungry Helga is nothing short of unique in its ideas and with some updates it's sure to remain a title that you can jump back in to now and then.


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