SteamBirds Review

By , on November 11, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Intuitive turn-based combat.
  • Deceptively deep gameplay that's modified by the skills available.
  • Slick, simple graphics and engaging background music.


  • Simple mistakes can throw an entire game in to a complete loss.
  • Multiplayer seems like a missed opportunity.


Unlike a lot of modern turn-based strategies, SteamBirds doesn't have a phone book thick system of statistics and rules to learn; just jump in and start shooting.

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Fusion powered steam engines have changed history as we know it and now mankind is fighting a battle in the skies in their steam-powered vehicles. It's steam-punk meets turn-based strategy in SteamBirds, though this isn't the first time we've had a chance to dabble with this system.

Those lucky enough to have spotted this title earlier in the year might just jump at the chance to play this on their iPhones, but for those who haven't I'm sure the idea of turn-based aerial combat might give pause for thought. Players are confronted with varied scenarios in which they will have to make use of the planes and abilities they're given to emerge victorious against their enemies. Each plane has a limited distance they can cover in each 'turn', though players can manipulate the direction and speed of the planes by dragging an arrow icon in front of them. Abilities can be activated from a radial menu and careful timing of shields, boosts, flips and other power-ups are needed to score that perfect four-star run.

The presentation is nothing short of a class act, mirroring the elegant gameplay design with simple, yet clear visuals and a musical score that helps to set the mood perfectly. Newer devices also gain improved visuals, though all devices are supported at this time.

While there are only 20 levels currently available, making your way to the final mission in a short space of time is nigh-on impossible as you drag yourself back in time and again to get that 'perfect' run. SteamBirds lacks in almost no aspect and while some may have played this game already, I can't imagine not wanting to have this game on the go.


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