Trigonon Review

By , on March 10, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Unique and challenging pinball-like puzzler.
  • Detailed visuals and elegant interface design.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack.
  • 40 levels to master.


  • Extremely difficult to master; gold scores will require precise skill and luck.
  • Odd story concept; no real pairing with the gameplay or visual design.


If you fancy yourself a deft hand at angling shots you'll find Trigonon to be a snap, but for us mere mortals it's simply a challenging, if beautiful puzzler to eat up your spare time.

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Trigonon by Just Funny Games goes to a lot of effort to introduce players to the concept of pinballs being 'thoughts' that need to be captured by exploiting memories (positive and negative) and other metaphorical objects, but ultimately this puzzler will test your skills at quickly analyzing levels and creating barriers capture all the balls as fast as possible.

Tapping on the level will generate a barrier (as long as you have enough energy to do so) and can subsequently be spun around and repositioned before locking it in to place. To save time, players are encouraged to work backwards from the goal to get the ball to the exit in one shot, however thought-obstacles in the form of positive, negative and 'intuition' will require precise timing and angling to avoid or exploit as required.

Reaching the 'Gold' times will feel like an impossible goal beyond the first few levels as you struggle to quickly and efficiently tap, turn and place barriers in time, especially when trying to wrangle the balls in to the goal within the bronze time can be difficult enough. If nothing else your genuine thoughts will be racing to keep ahead of the game, so perhaps the 'factory of your mind' concept isn't such a bad one after all.

Last, but not least, the atmosphere is simply breathtaking, from the high definition visuals to the relaxing soundtrack that keeps you focused on the task at hand. It doesn't go very far (if at all) to reinforce the 'mind' metaphor, but it does efficiently and elegantly display everything you need to know, making it easier to intuit solutions without resorting to pausing the level.

Trigonon isn't an easy game to finish and is easier to recommend to those after an intense challenge, but casual players aren't prevented from enjoying the title either; worth checking out.


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