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By , on July 19, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Challenging and subtly scaling difficulty; gives QuBIT a 'one more try' appeal.
  • Easy to pick up gameplay; aided by a step-by-step in game tutorial.
  • Simple, yet effective 3D visuals; foreboding, while still having a cheery edge.
  • "Obscurium" didn't cost $200m+ to come up with a silly name like "Unobtanium".


  • Tap and slide controls don't feel as visceral; tap controls feel somewhat sluggish by comparison.
  • Energy indicator can be hard to 'read'; makes judging potential combos harder without more practice.


QuBIT is a simple idea executed almost to perfection; trying to obtain ever-increasing combos creates a natural skill-cap that brings you back for more.

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As much as reviewers like to espouse the virtues of video games and (with their critics hat on) even point out why something works, there are games that come by now and then that seem to almost defy deeper analysis. QuBIT by Secret Sauce is, quite simply, a fun game to play and despite only having one mode of play it's an easy game to keep coming back to.

The basic premise of QuBIT is to collect as much 'Obscurium' from the planet surface as possible, unfortunately you have a limited amount of energy that needs to be constantly replenished either by creating combos or riding 'plasma' objects. Combos require you to 'lock in' all the QuBs (cubes) by collecting a run of crystals that match its color. Once you've locked them all in you'll get an energy boost; your score will increase further; and you'll progress further along the current 'level', eventually ending up in a bonus stage as you transition to a new area.

Each level adds a new QuB to your robot while also mixing up the terrain and speed you travel at to make things more challenging. More QuBs make it harder to fill your quota with the energy at your disposal, however riding plasma 'rails' and 'balls' can help (though they will kill your combo). Getting the balance of completing combos and staying alive only gets harder as you progress, especially when locked in crystals turn in to obstacles that clutter the field.

Getting around the 3D world of QuBIT is a snap, with three basic control types available (tilt, tap and slide), though tilting is by far the easiest to use to quickly weave back and forth with precision between crystals at near warp-speed. This is further aided by the gorgeously simple dark aesthetic that's offset by the bright and colorful crystals you're collecting. Small touches like QuBIT and his QuBs doing a little shimmy of victor or looking flat and depressed when low on energy help to set the mood without being too overt.

Part matching game, part racer and all fun, QuBIT is more than the average high-score arcade title on the App Store. Whether you're after something simple and fun for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, it's worth checking this title out.


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