Async Corp. Review

By , on July 21, 2011

Async Corp.
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4 out of 5


  • Variety of game modes.
  • Atmosphere of working as a corporate drone.
  • Catchy music.


  • Atmosphere of working as a corporate drone.
  • Sync gameplay could have been more front and center.


Fans of matching puzzle games should give Async Corp a try. While not treading new ground, it accomplishes good gameplay with flair.

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Puzzle games can fall into the trap of slapping a new coat of paint on an old concept and trying to pass it off as something new. What they should be doing is taking that concept, creating a unique world around it and then giving the player choice as to what type of puzzle game with these mechanics they wish to play. This is what Async Corp achieves.

You are a new employee at Async Corp and your job is to make packets. How are packets made you ask? By swapping colored tiles from two separate stacks so that a 2x2 (or larger) grid can be created and shipped off. Shipping off more packets not only keeps the game mode going, but it earns you promotions and tips (which are emailed to you on your menu screen which can be accessed at any time). If you swap tiles that end in the creation of a packet in both stacks, you have created a sync, which will boost your efforts sufficiently.

There are four game modes to choose from to complete your tasks. Quota has you quickly creating packets to stop the quota bar rising. Inversely, Zoning has you creating packets to stop the same bar falling. Async mode is all about strategically creating frequent and large sync bonuses (with no sense of urgency), and freeplay is self explanatory.

Async Corp has a very simple interface with plain colors that reinforces not only a dull workplace, but putting the visual focus entirely on the packets. The music is extremely catchy and aids the puzzle solving well, but after a while the track does get old and you might find yourself muting your iPhone.

While the Async mode does place focus on creating syncs, the majority of the game can be played creating normal packets, with syncs being a happy bonus. It would have been nice to see this concept more realized, but for those who enjoy matching puzzle games and want a touch of variety in game modes, Async Corp is a very well realized puzzle experience.


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