Blobster Review

By , on July 26, 2011

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3 out of 5


  • Solid controls and gameplay.
  • Vibrant visuals.


  • Not much challenge.


Blobster is a well made platformer, just not one that will likely interest teenagers or adults.

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In Blobster you control 'Blobster' who is trying to save Blobtopia from pollution at the hands of the Big & Powerful Corporation run by the evil Blobzilla. Blobster must collect Blobules - the fuel that keeps Blobtopia running - if he hopes to ever bring Blobzilla and the B&P Corporation down... and if I ever have to say Blob again, it'll be too soon.

Blobster is split up into four worlds, each with ten regular levels and a few bonus levels opened by high scores. Each stage consists of moving Blobster to the end pipe while collecting as many Blobules as possible. Upon level completion you're ranked on the Blobules collected, time taken and size grown, but the percentage ranking is only tied to collecting every Blobule in the level.

Blobster is controlled by touching the sides of the screen to move him left or right. Stretching him allows him to jump, with the height increasing as he grows larger. Special power-ups allow Blobster to shield himself from enemies or jump especially high. There are also tilt controls to move, but the precision of the touch controls are better suited to the platforming gameplay.

Blobster is bright and cheery. All the blobs have a lot of character and the worlds have a nice variation in theme. The sound effects are quite cutesy and the music serves this purpose, although the lack of music during the play itself was an odd omission. The four worlds is all that's on offer here, but the game does link up to the Crystal network.

Blobster is well made, but is probably not for the older gamer. The visuals, sound effects, and easy gameplay lend themselves more towards a much younger audience. If you do have a child who you'd risk lending your iPhone or iPod touch to, Blobster is a great introduction for them into the platforming genre.


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