Flick Soccer! Review

By , on August 11, 2011

Flick Soccer!
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4 out of 5


  • Full Fat's signature intuitive flick controls.
  • Multiple modes to suit gamers after something frantic or more refined.
  • Smooth performance; makes it easy to land those critical shots in a pinch.


  • Aside from the polished controls it doesn't bring a whole lot new to the table.
  • The usual smattering of shameless self-promotion in-game.


Much like Flick Golf!, Flick Soccer! manages to capture some of the essence of the original sport while giving it a fun arcade spin. Be careful because your time can easily melt away with this one.

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This isn't Full Fat's first rodeo when it comes to flick-based sport games - in fact, it's not their first soccer (football) based title either. However Flick Soccer! is the first to approach the sport in their relatively new 'Flick' series, so we'll give them a pass.

The real challenge of tackling a game like this is in trying to differentiate it from the many similar flick-based sports games that have trickled their way on to the App Store. Thankfully one major advantage the game has is a developer that has long since perfected its intuitive flicking system, tempered with after-touch swiping to give players unprecedented control of their ball.

This becomes all the more important as most of the game's available modes require quick reflexes to score it large before the timer runs out. Quick-shot pits you against a goalie and several defenders (increasing as time goes on) with a count-down clock that can be increased by hitting a moving target inside the goal; Crossbar focuses on purposefully hitting the top of the goal with consecutive hits multiplying the score; and Smash It! challenges you to break glass panels as efficiently as possible.

Additional Endurance and Challenge modes provide high-scoring opportunities that test your ability to aim in incredibly difficult situations, rewarding additional shots or points depending on the skill of your shot (ala Flick Golf!'s similar modes).

There's not a lot to say about the visuals as the arena is limited and the players are given minimal animations for defending or jumping at the ball, though the special effects and background sounds help to set the mood as you put away shot after shot in to the back of the net.

Football purists may balk at the very loose interpretation of the penalty shoot-out shown in Flick Soccer!, however if you enjoyed their earlier Flick Golf! title you'll know what you're in for. In short, expect a lot of time to melt away as you reach a zen-like mode of flicking again and again, but it doesn't provide a lot of depth for those looking for a long-term hit.


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