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By , on November 28, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • There's a serene beauty to playing.
  • Small scale mechanics, yet large scale context.


  • Control lacks the accuracy to make avoiding enemies and obtaining power-ups viable.


A fun little arcade game based around creating stars, with a bunch of modes and a relaxing atmosphere to it.

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When you call your game Infinite, you create certain expectations in the player's mind. Seeing that this game is a consistent travel through the colored vastness of space to collect enough energy to birth stars, while dodging abstract obstacles and oppressive black holes, the name is apt.

One touch control is the name of the game here. Your... whatever you are will orbit the planet, and touching the screen will extend that orbit outwards, allowing collection of energy that is further away, as well as dodging some of the obstacles, such as the dreaded clover that breaks into four parts upon colliding with the birthing star. The controls are far from precise however. Yes with the speed you are traveling, some allowances need to be made for anticipation of where you wish to end up, but even with this in mind, you'll find that your piece seems to have a mind of its own, and more often than not, you will collide or avoid with the opposite of your initial intention.

Each level gives you five collisions to birth the star before the game ends. Not only does hitting into obstacles set you back one of these lives, it also can knock off some the energy bar up top that you are filling to finish the nova. Every few levels will mix things up with a black hole stage. The center is now sucking everything into its gaping maw, and you must keep as far away as possible until the end of the timer, avoiding all the debris along the way.

Infinite is simple, visually and aurally appealing, and has plenty of modes to unlock for those who enjoy goals past the high score grab being offered. The controls may be a little loose for some, but persistence will more than likely pay off. You've got a universe to bring into existence.


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