Wizorb Review

By , on August 8, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • Cute 90s Arcade aesthetic; like holding a time portal to an earlier era.
  • Spell 'powers' add a much needed element of agency; seasoned players can have their orb moving around almost intuitively.


  • Awkward control design; especially for iPad users (tiny buttons and landscape layout).
  • Usual concerns for brick-breakers; tediously waiting to end a level when you're out of magic.


Wizorb is a solid touch-screen translation of the already popular brick-breaking adventure title, however the controls could use tweaking or at least more customization options.

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For some it may seem strange to think that brick-breakers were once all the rage, much like physics-flingers like Angry Birds or cutesy puzzlers like Cut the Rope. Wizorb not only pays tribute to this strange era of ball-bouncing, brick-breaking action, but seeks to marry it with action elements, giving you a reason to want to break on through to the other side (as it were).

You play as the rather strangely specialized wizard named 'Cyrus' who can transform in to a ball and paddle. After cornering some enemies he'll transform and bounce back and forth, clearing away the enemies and the bricks they've left behind while also dispensing magic in the form of fireballs and such to speed things up.

Lets not underestimate that last point. Anyone who has played a brick-breaker is sure to remember a tale of how one brick managed to elude them for twice, if not three times longer than it took to get to that final brick. Now with a handy tap of the A button (or if you're being trickier, the B button) you can blast away that block with ease.

Unfortunately magic is a limited resource - one that can be replenished via stores, bonus levels and the occasional power-up stored in a brick, but even early on you'll wish you had more magic at your disposal. As such it's not uncommon to find yourself in the aforementioned situation - something that's further exacerbated by levels with various barriers that must be navigated around.

However, once you get the ball rolling, Wizorb proves to be a fun arcade-style distraction. Those seeking to play the game on an iPad may fair worse than their iPhone and iPod Touch brethren due to the control layout (notably the tiny A/B buttons and 'relative' swipe system), but if you miss the good-old-days of brick-breaking, this is the game for you.


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