By , on February 7, 2013

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4 out of 5


  • Controls feel somehow 'snappier' than previous releases; take with a grain of salt - familiarity with its layout may be a contributing factor.
  • All the madcap fun of the METAL SLUG series; share the experience with friends in Co-op.


  • Performance issues; lots of slow-down on a range of visual settings.


By continually emulating, instead of innovating the METAL SLUG series, SNK PLAYMORE and DotEmu feel like their hands are tied when it comes to replicating the performance and precision of the Arcade originals; METAL SLUG 2 may not be the strongest of the originals, but it plays better on the iOS platform than previous releases and thus wins out by default.

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If you've followed our reviews for any length of time you'll know that our experience with the METAL SLUG series on the iOS platform has been... well not so great. Nostalgia manages to keep the game afloat, but emulation can only do so much to recreate the responsive controls and smooth visuals of the Arcade classic.

METAL SLUG 2 doesn't do much to address the problems of previous releases, but it does have one thing in its favor... it was a much simpler game. As such players can take their time, and even use the visual slow-down to their advantage.

In a way it provides an insight as to why the series has always felt so weak. Attempting to bring the game over wholesale is nice in theory, but unless you can bring everything to the table without flaws you need to re-invent, not re-release.

If you've played previous releases, you'll know what to expect here. Co-op means you can share the experience with a friend - which is an absolute must if you haven't tried it before - and once you've unlocked a stage you can practice it as much as you like to perfect it.

Sadly I get the feeling no one will be afforded the opportunity to make a METAL SLUG game the iOS platform deserves; something designed from the ground up for the platform so it feels and plays as smoothly as its Arcade brethren. METAL SLUG 2 gets a pass, but only because it's inherently less-brutal design works in its favor.


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