Worms™ 3 Review

By , on August 29, 2013
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4 out of 5


  • The UI has been optimised to the touch screen.
  • All weapons and utilities are relatively easy to use.
  • The card system adds another layer of gameplay. 
  • Easy to have multiple mutliplayer games running at once.


  • Limited customisation options, especially when it comes to the voice banks. 
  • Camera is always a little too far from the action.


Finally, a Worms title that bring the classic multiplayer mayhem to iOS with a decent interface. 

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Though the Worms series has been a staple of joy-filled multiplayer gaming since the mid '90s, the franchise's previous forays into the mobile space have been plagued with control issues. We are happy to report, then, that Worms 3 addresses many on the concerns of previous iOS titles, and delivers an experience worthy of the Worms name.

You begin by building your team. As always, you are provided with a quartet of invertebrates to name and accessorise. This time, however, you are given the option to build a squad from different classes of worm. Choices include large worms which move slowly but have more health, and scientists that heal their comrades each round. We're sad to announce that the sound bank options are severely limited, with a personal favourite since the first game, the Angry Scots, being absent.

As usual you can customise your game type and weapon load outs. But the big addition instalment bring with it is the ability to play power cards. These perks, which can be played before and after each round, can alter environmental variables (gravity, surface friction, and so on), or add or remove health, weapon, and utility benefits. These are all purchased with in-game currency, rewarding players with more options the longer they play.

The touch controls have come a long way since the first iOS Worms game, and offer a precision that's quite remarkable (this is coming from an avid Ninja Rope user). The only real downside is that the camera is often situated a little far out from the action, which can make it tough to locate your teammates.

A lot of old favourite weapons make their return, too, such as the homing pigeon, the old woman, and the concrete donkey. Plus, you get some brand new additions like the black hole gun. 

The ability to have multiple multiplayer matches on the go via the game's 'play-and-leave' system is a great step forward too (as asynchronous multiplayer becomes the standard for a lot of mobile gaming). The pass-and-play local multiplayer option, meanwhile, brings back heady memories of crowding around the Amiga 500 to prod your best mate's team captain off a precipice and into the waters beneath. 

It's fair to say that little has changed with the Worms series over the year. However, Worms 3 is the closest Team 17 has come to a convincing touchscreen adaptation. The card system feels a little tacked on, but does provide some entertaining and unpredictable situations. All-in-all, Worms 3 is the premier invertebrate blasting experience on iOS - until the next episode arrives, that is.


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